Mr Elliott on the Royal Crescent

Bath Regency Walking Tours is a new and exciting name in guided tours in the city of Bath.  It was created by me, Mr Elliott in early 2016 to provide an interesting and fun alternative, to the otherwise somewhat ordinary and even inaccurate guided walking tours, that exist in this unique and fascinating town.

After a year of research and joining many tours myself, I realised that what was missing from the tour experience for many visitors, was engagement with the history and stories of the city.  Visitors didn't want to just listen to a list of names and dates whilst being led from one sight to another, they wanted to feel connected with what they saw and were being told, and most of all they wanted to enjoy themselves.  I decided that what was needed was a different approach to guiding, one that made the information relevant to all visitors, one that was engaging and fun, and one that was full of human stories and scandals that people could relate and react to.  In other words, to bring the history/stories of the town alive, and make them relevant to a modern 21st century audience.

My own background is in history of course, but also in the entertainment industry, in teaching and in theatre.  With Bath Regency Walking Tours, I have drawn upon all of these backgrounds to create a unique tour of Bath.  I also have a golden rule with any tour that I do, and that is that I have to have fun when guiding a tour.  If the guide of a tour is having fun, then there is a much better chance that the people on the tour are also having fun!  The tours that I provide therefore, are full of interesting information thoroughly researched, but delivered in an engaging and humorous way that is suitable for all ages.  You will learn the history of the city, see the main sights, have a thoroughly enjoyable time, but also discover some of the many scandals and dirty secrets of this very old and fascinating town, huzzah!